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The Founder, Director and Principal

 Mr. Christopher Walker, has been a Catholic-Christian for 24 years and a Knight of Columbus, retired US military an a graduate of Fullerton Community College majoring in Ethnic Studies. He is currently attending Harvard University Extension School. He has 24 years of teaching experiences as a Water Safety Instructor and Lifeguard and has served both in the civil and military service. He has worked with over 2,500 children as students.      

As a Pomona native, who has lived in the community for 49 years, he founded St. Christopher-Joseph-Aquinas Academic Academy to approach educating our students, through a faith-based education. Through faith-based education Mr. Walker, will transform students to be contributing member of their community and the global world.

Students who attend St. Christopher-Joseph-Aquinas Academic Academy will be equipped to contribute to their communities, develop disciple, and a strong relationship with their faith.